What's Happening on the Bus?

Two Landis campers work together to clean up a simulated oil spill without going over budget.

The Horizon's interns are the BEST! Thank you both for all your hard work during camp!

Engineering Delivered at Landis Elementary was great fun! Loved seeing the design process in action!

Good luck to all West Rowan Bulldogs as you head to high school! You have great leadership potential!

Rowan County Farm Tour - There are many great things happening in our area!

CGMS Red Devils test their LEGO racer designs. Using the formula for calculating speed and distance helped them decide which design was the most successful.

Film@6 students create LEGO racers while participating in Derby Day.

Teaming up to tackle the task!

Love team teaching with our amazing RSS teachers!

WRMS Bulldogs analyze an article on Particle Pollution using Popplet to organize their findings.

West Rowan 7th grade Orca Team investigates air quality by examining particle collection strips.

Truly enjoyed all the parents and students who visited the STEM Bus at the Great Book Caper! Thank you Rowan Public Library for your wonderful collection that supports our STEM studies!

Ready to share some STEM Capers at this event!

On an energy scavenger hunt!

7th graders work in teams to deepen their understanding of energy conversion.

Knox Middle School 8th graders work as Disease Detectives solving outbreaks!

Students compared a variety of water samples to determine the concentration of particles contained in each sample and how they might affect the quality of water.

Partners collaborate as they determine the pH of their unknown water sample while deducing the types of organisms that might thrive in that environment.

8th graders at West Rowan Middle School hunt for macro-invertebrates during their water quality lab.

Students are stronger when they collaborate and solve problems together.

Problem solving can be challenging and fun!

Second graders learned how to use several science tools during their investigation of matter.

Mr. Rockwell's class had a special visitor! Mrs. Frick snapped photos of his class in action!

Students take time to share their predictions before testing.

Millbridge's 4th grade takes a closer look at our changing landforms.

Faith Elementary's 2nd grade worked with temperature probes to better understand transfer of energy.

Third grade students examine the interconnectedness of body system as they practice being biomedical engineers!

A cool physical change on a hot day can be fun!

Woodleaf summer camp students go on a scavenger hunt for evidence of physical and chemical changes in nature.

Teamwork in the lab!

Fifth graders gathering their thoughts on weight and mass.

Overton Explorers were on target during their investigation of change and growth!

Students at Hanford Dole perform a virtual experiment while studying force and motion.

Mastering the Lab in the TinkerBox app!

Fifth graders demonstrating the relationship between weight and mass.

Hanford Dole's third grade investigates soil and the support it provides for our Earth!

Students enjoy sharing their findings related to change and growth!

Kindergartners use the Life Cycles for Kids Lite app to observe the growth of a frog.

Shive Elementary Stingers observe similarities and differences of living things during their lesson.

During the month of March I have been on the road in a different capacity. It has been my privilege to share Apptivities and the work students do on the STEM Exploration Lab with educators attending Tech Forum Atlanta, GA, NCTIES in Raleigh, NC and soon CUE (Computer Using Educators) in California! I have met many enthusiastic and passionate teachers, technology facilitators, and administrators the past two weeks! I can't wait to share my experiences with everyone in the Rowan-Salisbury School System!

A great tool to use and share is ThingLink.com Use a QR Reader to test this one and see what all is happening on the STEM Exploration Lab!

Many thanks to all the teachers and assistants who have co-taught with me so far this year. I am looking forward to even better things to come!

Students enjoy working independently on their iPads building with virtual Legos!

Third graders at China Grove work together to find the best environment for a fish using pH sensors.

China Grove's kindergarten did an amazing job using their observation skills!

Students demonstrate their understanding of the Sun's energy at Knollwood.

GeoWalk was a favorite app at Knollwood!

Students try out the virtual experiments on BBC Science Clips as they wait for the judging results at the Regional Science Fair.

Mr. Smith leads an experiment for students attending the Regional Science Fair.

Examining and discussing the results after testing the pH of three samples.

Knollwood students observing similarities and differences in fish.

Students record findings in lab journals during an investigation. I experienced... I wonder... I discovered...

Graphing and sharing test results!
Friends share their collages!

Mrs. Siscoe works with her students during a lesson on insulators and conductors.

Students use their iPods to record results during an investigation.

Koontz 5th graders analyze the results of their testing using the Labquest 2.

Students experiment with light sensors and document their findings using iPods.

Fifth graders at Koontz Elementary test muscle fatigue using the dynamometer during their lesson on Complex Connections.

Small groups work together to test the reflection of light.

Students use dynamometer to test hand grip strength and demonstrate muscle fatigue.

Kindergartners take turns testing the properties of objects with their teacher.

Second graders discuss properties of liquids and examine volume at Hurley Elementary. Excellent questioning was happening at this table!

Hurley All Stars use the PicStitch app to create photo collages of their experiments. The photo collages were a great way to record and share their findings with one another!!

Exploring how light travels, recording data, and using the Notes app to organize thinking helps these 4th graders gain a deeper understanding of reflection and absorption.

Fifth graders investigate the "Complex Connections" that keep their bodies working and protected.

Hurley All Stars use the PicStitch app to create a photo collage while studying the reflection and absorption of light.

Testing the strength of UV rays at Woodleaf Elementary was interesting. Students explored ways living organisms protect themselves from the sun's rays with the help of UVB sensors and the Labquest.

Next stop on the road - Woodleaf Elementary! The first day was a fog-filled one with Mrs. Seaford's 5th grade participating in a "Shrinking Ice" simulation. The fog did not dampen the will to be the last survivor during the Chain Reaction lesson!

It was wonderful to see North Rowan Elementary's third graders investigating the strength of the sun's rays using UVB sensors along with the Vernier Labquest2. They performed several tests to determine the effectiveness of clothing and sunglasses in protecting us from the sun's rays.

Studying fossils up close and personal was right up these 4th grader's alley! They worked together to identify unknown fossils and created identification slides using the Camera app on their iPods. After identifying the fossils, the groups shared their findings and discussed how the living organisms found in the fossil records are related to living organisms still found in our world today!

Even on a rainy day North Rowan Steamers were eager to study chain reactions. The 5th grade a North Elementary had many excellent questions and comments as they experimented with bio-chambers during their investigation. Teachers further explored chain reactions by discussing emissions and greenhouse gases. The weather outside may have been gray and dull, but the student energy was truly shining!

Isenberg Gators are incredible students! The STEM Exploration Lab visited Isenberg Elementary last week. During the visit K-5 students participated in investigations to support classroom instruction. Whether we were in the bus or outside exploring students were asking questions, helping one another, and eagerly participating in all that was happening! I will have to say, my favorite lesson on this "tour" was with 3rd grade as they examined UVB rays and the importance of clothing that is engineered to protect our skin and help our bodies regulate temperature! Hats off to Mrs. Drennan's, Mr. Lail's, and Mr. Crawford's classes for learning how to utilize the Mobile Proscope Microscopes and iPad Airmicro app!

Many thanks to all who attended STEM Matters! It was wonderful to meet so many parents, students, and interested community members as they visited the STEM Exploration Lab! I loved hearing the buzz about all the great STEM activities they were participating in as they toured Horizons Unlimited and Knox Middle School! I wish I could have seen the "Disaster Relief" packages tested. One student I talked with had his package after the drop and was going to take it home for redesigning. My favorite part of the day was watching families enjoy learning about STEM together!

Come out and see how our Rowan-Salisbury School System students and teachers are making STEM Matter! Hope to see you there!

As this school year begins it will be full of firsts for me. Professionally, it is the first time I will serve as a teacher of kindergarten through fifth grade students in the same year. It will also be the first time I have had a mobile classroom that will actually travel from school to school. Yes, you read that correctly, my classroom will be on wheels! Personally, it is the first year I will have a child leave home to attend college. As my household adjusts to changes in routines and celebrates new beginnings, I am thrilled to see what these "first" will bring as the year progresses. More news to come as my classroom becomes road ready...for now, best wishes to everyone as the 2012-2013 school year opens.

Our Enochville Wise Owls were wonderful hosts during last week's Technology Tour Day. All of the students shared their knowledge as visitors from several counties walked through and visited Tuesday morning.

Enochville explores the heron rookery at the W.I.L.D. Education Site located at Buck Steam Plant. Fantastic day of outdoor learning!
Mrs. Ellis keeps everyone engaged as she shares the special finds that have been discovered on the property.
Partners learn how to identify animals by their scat. Fascinating activity that really interested the students!
Scientist in training collecting data.

Another amazing learning experience occurred this week as I traveled to Phoenix, AZ to attend sessions on using mobile technology, listen to keynote speakers, and presented with Amie WIlliams during a session at the Mobile 2012 Conference. I was able to meet many fantastic educators from a variety of states and even some from other countries! Feel free to take a peek of what we presented by using the link titled Mobile 2012 on the right!

Remembering 9-11 paintings have been fantastic. Kobe's perspective on how the event was documented came to life through a cell phone screen. The students have been working on constructing meaning to this tragic event through interviews, artwork, and archived news reports. Very touching considering this class of 5th graders were infants at the time.
What a great group of Wise Owls! Perfect Punch Cards for 3rd Quarter! Way to GO!

Freddie Fraction keeps Bridget on her toes! Super app for practicing fractions, decimals, and percents!

Alex presents Mrs. Shepherd, the media specialist, a copy of The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss. She will add this to Enochville's collection! Students have been using this text to study the Cold War through another perspective.

Our "Celebrate Freedom" benefit for the Price of Freedom Museum was a great success! The community donated $1,516.00 to this worthwhile cause. Performances given by the Carson High School Jazz Ensemble, the Big Band AllStars, and Enochville's 5th Grade were excellent and entertaining! Mr. Mault and his family attended and were overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.

All ages were in attendance!

The Carson High School Jazz Ensemble rocked the place!

Mrs. Compton helped to cater the delicious refreshments!

Our 5th grade students sang "American Tears" in tribute to all who have served.

Third quarter has already been full of successful moments! We continue to find new ways to use our iPads daily, whether it is to practice math skills, create movies, or research facts it is fantastic to have instant access to a wide variety of apps!
Partners create iMovie tutorials with the help of neu.Annotate!
Two heads are better than one!

Reading Buddies creating Book Chats with StoryKit!

Students are enjoying the use of their new iPads. In Social Studies we are using the BrainPop app to look at key figures and events from history. Ask your student about his/her book chat they finished last week! Awesome work from some amazing students!

Way to go Hall Jam Heroes! Each of these students had perfect records for Work Habits and Behavior! Keep up the excellent work!

Spelling Bee Winner Cloe Greene will represent Enochville at the Rowan-Salisbury Spelling Bee in February! We are proud of you!

Izaac gets in character on Living Biography Day! It was fantastic seeing historic figures come to life.

Cloe and Caitlin discuss the best way to spend their budget for a holiday party. Engaged and engrossed in what they are doing!

Party planning with partners using the weekly Food Lion ad. Students used a budget and class count to make their supply list. It was wonderful to see them so involved in their work!

The North Carolina Symphony performed for all 5th graders on November 17th at Keppel Auditorium at Catawba College. The students were captivated by the performance and our largest recorder group to date performed a piece with the symphony. We are very proud of the hard work these students put into this performance!

Enochville Elementary's Symphony Performers

The Vernier LabQuests are here on loan from Horizon's Unlimited! In math, students are exploring temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit) during our study of measurement. Temperature probes are AWESOME!

Students are enjoying using the "Declaration" app as we investigate our Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence. By the end of this week students will have written a diary entry from a patriot's point of view. Great things happening at EES!
iPods are up and out with students putting them to good use! We have started our "Revolution!" study that will cover the founding documents, early leaders, and key events of the American Revolution.
Photo on 2011-11-14 at 13.49.jpg
Second quarter is off to a smooth start with new Reading Rubrics, exciting units of study, and even higher expectations! I want to thank all parents who attended the first quarter conferences. I truly enjoyed talking with each of you. We will recognize our Honor Roll students on Wednesday, November 16 at 9:30 am in the cafeteria.
Photo on 2011-10-10 at 14.26.jpg
Building literacy can be fun with fall! Reading buddies met and created fall trees with seasonal words. Students practiced creating sentences, reading the words, and basic spelling. I am not sure who had the most fun...the fifth graders or the second graders!


Our first quarter enrichment to wrap up Nature's Fury - A Study of Natural Disasters brought us a guest speaker. Sam Allen, of Mooresville Fire Station No. 1, spoke with the 5th grade on fire and swift water rescue. Students were given an overview of education requirements, a job description, and training for being a rescue professional. Student were attentive and asked quality questions during the visit. Each quarter we plan to feature an enrichment topic of activity as a culmination of our units of study.
The D.E.E.R. (Doing Everything Exceptionally Right) Program was a huge hit with our students! Students who attended the D.E.E.R. Program last Friday enjoyed a play centering around the life and times of Sherlock Holmes. C. Teal guest-starred as Dr. Watson and did a fantastic job! The D.E.E.R. Program was sponsored by Mr. Haywood, Mrs, Street and the EES PTA as an incentive for excellent behavior.

Our trip to Waterworks Visual Arts Center was a great success. The students thoroughly enjoyed touring the main exhibit "Thorough the Eyes of Veteran: Remembering Vietnam" with Hayden Simmerson (former U.S. Army Lieutenant) as their guide. Students also made prints using foam board and ink with a nature theme. Waterworks offers summer programing for students. Check out their website! http://www.waterworks.org/

Students have recently explored the use of Numbers to organize data into a spreadsheet. They have been analyzing how temperature and precipitation relate to one another in cause and effect relationships. Our topic of study has been drought in both the 1930's Dust Bowl and the current state of disaster in Texas. Students have used weather.com, the Salisbury Post, and several farming historical websites to gather information.
Working together makes us stronger. Whenever we take time to learn from someone else or teach someone a skill we have growth occurs. Mrs. Kelly and I have enjoyed letting our classes work together and learn from one another for years. During this school year, we are broadening our horizons and working with several other teachers around the county to build new relationships and promote literacy! Please encourage your student to work with others they may know outside of school to build a love of learning.

Have you ever thought about the way our Earth's landforms were made and the day to day processes that change the surface of our planet? Students will begin exploring those processes and cycles in our next unit of study. Please encourage your child to watch the local weather, listen for current news on natural disasters, and observe the lay of the land they see every day. The fifth grade will also be studying traditional literature and how over time people have used tall tales, myths, fables, and legends to explain how the world around us works! During this study we will find the scientific facts behind the folklore!


We had our first meeting with our reading buddies last Friday. Throughout the year our 5th grade students will serve as mentors for Mrs. Kelly's 2nd grade class. It is always exciting to watch the students grow together!

iPod apps are awesome! Students have been practicing how to navigate around their iPods and make good use of the apps. This week we will be using Comic Touch to demonstrate important happenings from past eras when natural disasters hit the United States and caused massive devastation. Have you ever thought about how U.S. citizens reacted to natural disasters before all the federal aid we have in place now?
An Amazing Start!
DSC01972.JPGLaptops are up and running, Activboard is front and center, the students are eager, and our first unit "Nature's Fury" is well under way! I have been truly impressed with the positive attitudes toward learning from this new group of Wise Owls. I am expecting fantastic feats from this group throughout the year. Please take a minute to check out our Photo Gallery (see the link to the right) and see if you can spot your student! We had a special visitor this week who was very impressed with the thinking that was going on in 3rd Block.

Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year!

A Few Words from Mrs. Pruitt

DSC01898.jpgAs we begin the year each of us will be setting three goals. A personal goal for improvement, an academic goal for supporting growth, and a goal for well being and health. Please take time as a family to discuss and develop these goals so your child knows they are important. Our first social studies lesson of the year entitled Education and Family gave students the opportunity to compare and contrast education systems and family units in North and Central America. This lesson will serve as a springboard for our goal setting! I encourage you to check my wiki and blog frequently during the year to keep up with our 5th grade activities.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

- Winston Churchill